19th of March

Mint from 22.2.22

3,000 beautiful and unique neuno membership cards


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Tier Name Pieces Future Drops Pre-sale Future Drops Reservation Lists Future Drops Can buy
Tier 1 Common 2,500 Yes Maybe 1 NFT
Tier 2 Rare 400 Yes Possibly 2 NFT
Tier 3 Legendary 95 Yes Hopefully Up to 3 NFT
Tier 4 1 of 1 Icons 5 Yes Yes Up to 5 NFT


  • 3,000 Pieces
  • All unique
  • 3 Rarity levels and 5 X 1 of 1s


Holders of neuno NFT cards are eligible for pre-sales and Reservation Lists for upcoming NFT launches on the neuno platform. Amount of spots reserved for holders vary.


  1. The purchasing power for the NFT holder - on any given pre-sale on the neuno platform they are participating in. i.e.
    • with one common neuno NFT, holder can purchase one NFT from pre-sale
    • with two common neuno NFT’s, holder can purchase two NFT’s from pre-sale
    • with one rare neuno NFT, holder can purchase up to three NFT’s from pre-sale
    • with one legendary neuno NFT, holder can purchase up to five NFT’s from pre-sale
  2. Chance to get on Reservation Lists. Pre-sale spots reserved for neuno NFT holders vary depending on size of the drop. Only 1 of 1 holders are guaranteed to get on the Reserved List. Other spots are raffled. Higher rarity score of the neuno NFT increases chances to win in the raffle.


Tiering is based on the rarity score of the NFT. Rarity is calculated mathematically. Excluding 5 1 of 1 nft’s that are 5 hand selected and special NFT’s on the collection.

neuCard - Public Sale

For members of the neuno community. Our neuCard drop will give you pre-sale access to future drops. (note: the transaction must be processed by the network within 15 minutes of clicking the Mint button)

Contract: 0x600BCcC04F4597c6E34827840F75A281F1E74240

Price: 0.2 ETH


Stock: 2489


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